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Cable systems around the country rely on Atrex to provide quality connections with their subscribers...

A Complete Range of Services
From installation to underground construction, Atrex focuses on quality and cost-efficiency. In residential or commercial installation...

Outstanding Customer Service
Long before the cable industry implemented its "ontime customer guarantee" program, Atrex...

Priority Number One: Outstanding Customer Service...
If there's ever a problem, we address it promptly and thoroughly.

Long before the cable industry implemented its "on time customer guarantee" program, Atrex had policies in place for scheduling work and meeting timetables precisely. That's one of the reasons every Atrex truck carries communications equipment and installers check in after every job. Atrex has been "on time" every time for years.

Our dispatch department calls each customer when an installer is on the way. We make sure the customer is ready and has the required funds on hand to avoid a repeat call. And we verify all "not-home" reports. Even our attention to the details of paperwork is meticulous.

Supervisors inspect work on a consistent basis to make sure we achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency.
And to make sure you're satisfied with our work, we stay in close touch with system management.

Periodic evaluation forms are also sent to you to monitor your ongoing satisfaction. And if there's ever a problem, we address it promptly and thoroughly with action by the highest levels of Atrex management.



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